“After overdoing it around the festive season I got a big shock when January 1st came around and the scales read 13 stone 5. Not only had I put on a lot of weight but I only had 7 months until my wedding day! Knowing that just going to the gym has never worked for me in the past I looked into personal trainers in my area and found Rowland Health and Fitness. Nathan was an excellent trainer who kept me motivated and positive throughout. He made sure each workout was tailor made to what area I wanted to loose weight with a variety of different workouts and made eating a healthy balanced diet enjoyable. When the big day arrived I couldn’t believe the scales, 11 stone 5 the lowest weight I had been in years! I couldn’t recommend Nathan more he helped me to transform, get fit and understand how to live a healthy life without it being a chore.”


Paige Battista

7 Month Transformation , 2 Stone Weight Loss

“When i joined the gym with my friend, I really didn’t know what I was doing, or what I should be doing.  My aim was to lose weight and tone up, but I didn’t seem to be making much progress.  It was important to me that I could continue to work out with my friend, as we’d started this journey together and motivated each other.  Starting training with Nathan as a pair, we got direction, motivation and the results we were looking for.  He made it fun but competitive and as hard as it could be some days, the results were everything I was looking for.  Whilst we worked as a pair, Nathan made sure that we improved as individuals and continued to be challenged.  We worked hard each session, as we both had individual strengths and areas of development, but by the end of our sessions, we were both slimmer, healthier and stronger, which wouldn’t have happened without Nathan’s support and guidance.”

Lel Grant

“I’ve trained in rugby for almost 10 years now, I’ve had many Strength and conditioning coaches throughout this time. Nathan Rowland he has been able to adapt his training sessions to my sport specifically which has benefited me both on and off the field, the most impressive thing about the sessions is that they are always pushing and testing me in ways I didn’t think possible. I was able to hit my goals throughout and not only that but Nathan educated me whilst training so when I trained individually, with a session he supplies!, I am a lot more confident to do so.

Fantastic coach and a great friend as well!”

Dale Darby

“I was playing for Newcastle thunder u19s and I wanted to get stronger to be better than my opposition because I always felt like I came out second best, I knew Nathan had played rugby before so thought he’d know a lot and be passionate about it. When I went I was shocked how much he knew, in the space of 12 weeks my strength and size changed massively, in the gym or on the field I felt so much stronger than everyone. Every session was tough but enjoyable, overall Nathan is the best personal trainer out there in my eyes, he has vast range of knowledge for any goal and is passionate about his job. Would recommend to anyone!”

Alex Taylor

“Loved every session with Nathan, I’ve lost a stone in the 10 weeks we’ve had our sessions. Although it’s serious I am able to laugh and have fun during every session! He’s a star. I am now no longer fat and actually know how to diet and exercise. Perfect personal trainer and would recommend to any shape size female or male!!”

Demi Buckham

10 Week transformation, 1 stone weight loss

“What I achieved with Nathan during my 12 week sessions- My overall strength and fitness improved massively in a short space of time , within a month I had visibly lost weight gained definition felt more energetic, was eating more healthy and felt good in myself. It felt fantastic getting noticed by gym staff and members. I have learnt so much from Nathan, how to use  range of equipment, followed  a weekly diet plan talked about nutrition  give me tips and several ideas , snacks ect…  sessions were always challenging but always with an element of fun, when I thought I couldn’t do something I was never allowed to give in enjoyment  being so important to keep me motivated, not going to lie it hasn’t been easy, but results say it all. Nathan’s dedication is second to none always worked in a professional manner.

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nathan as a personal trainer 10/10. Saved the best till last! Dropped a dress size, toned up and much higher better posture, most importantly feeling great, couldn’t have done it without Nathan’s support and encouragement. Total weight loss 1 stone / 9 inches!!”

Daveed Sign

12 Week transformation, 1 stone weight loss

“I’ve been working with Nathan for almost a year now and have already achieved the goals that we set. I’ve enjoyed training with Nathan and learning new things to help gain size, my rugby has improved because of it. Can’t wait for next year to improve and gain more size. Nathan is great to work with and full of encouragement. He helped me with the hardest part of training the diet by setting me a calorie goal and a weekly diet report which helped encourage me. I would highly recommend Nathan as a personal trainer.”

Ieuan Bodman